Timeless Poetry Anthology

Timeless Poetry Anthology
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  • 作者:Francis S Cheng
  • 出版社:獵海人
  • 出版日期:2019-05-15
  • 語言:英文
  • ISBN10:986969859X
  • ISBN13:9789869698597
  • 裝訂:平裝 / 126頁 / 14.8 x 21 x 1 cm / 普通級 / 單色印刷 / 初版


  Young person is blessed with talent for creative future.
  Life is a blank sheet of paper, demanding best picture.
  Nature nourishes creatures, never lasts forever.
  Nature’s longevity is emulated with timeless file.

  Young talents seek joy and hope for sparkling future.
  Relaxation enhances healthy life: “ Read a poem; Sing
  a song, where excitement belongs; Joy comes along!”

  Every child wants to be successful in early life. Yet, very few, even precocious genius, can reach pinnacle at prime of life without a mentor or school education.

  Thomas Edison, iconic inventor and entrepreneur, was deaf but self assured, inquisitive, paying little attention in class. After twelve weeks of schooling, his mother, a trained teacher, took him home for private education. Edison developed avid reading, writing and mathematics proficiencies to become self–educated electrical engineer and telegrapher.

  Among 1,093 inventions, his first motion picture camera/film patent gave rise to movie industry. His light bulb invention kindled great hope for replacing flickering lantern with bright, incandescent light, albeit powered with expensive DC battery. Edison never admitted failure: “I have not failed, I just found 10,000 ways”.

  Nicola Tesla, Edison’s employee for short span, Serbian American engineer, invented AC electric supply system; His novel invention revolutionized efficient power transmission, and mass communications.

  All successful entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, musicians, educators, philosophers, investors, and politicians had developed their career paths at young ages. They seldom doubted their ability to succeed during school years or at training periods. They were keen in planning future with self-motivation, and hard work with unwavering perseverance. Young people are blessed with talents, dynamic energy, charismatic personality, and high hope for their achievements.


  ▍華人理工博士Francis S Cheng(程聖雄)第一本全英文詩集。



Francis S. Cheng

  As a young boy, I imitated Edison’s creative spirit for dismantling musical boxes. Regrettably, I discovered nothing, but ruined coo-coo clock, phonograph, and Bell telephone. Those were not allowed to tinker. Getting grounded was most humiliating, remorseful; I had to shape up and became discipline in pursuing quintessential educations.

  Francis holds PhD in Chemistry, and DSc in Chemical Engineering. He had postdoctoral training; worked for many industries including Exxon, Monsanto, and Vanderbilt Chemicals. He also taught graduate and undergraduate chemistry courses at University of Bridgeport, as adjunct associate professor, for years.

  He took children story-writing courses, and attended Faxon Poetry sessions for hobbies, and learned how to write poetry of nature, health and science, and book on foods and drugs.


▍Table of Contents


Harbinger of spring
Four Seasons for Country Boy
Missing Bulbs
Rushing Tides
Snow Angel
Missing Whim
Spectacular of St. John River
Unremitting Passage of Time
Cherry Blossom
Life Cycle: Bitter Sweet and Sour
Trans Fat – No Room for Metabolism
Mood Reflection
Gift of Life – Memory
Floating Cloud 38
Loving Care, Unsung Hero – Water
Surreal Memory – A Dream
Tribute to Mother Earth
Angel Heart
Power of Spectral Waves
Window of Soul – The Eyes
Carrot Paddler – Parrot
Golden Daisies
Parting Foliages
Frozen Estuary
Mother’s Day
Back Safety
Protein and Fat
Geriatric Destiny
Summer Solstice
Bewildered Nature
Treasure of Body
Bird in Scorching Summer
Father’s Day
Seeing-Eye Dog
Moonlit Beach
An Ode to Air
Time – Marker of History
Lonely Angler
Rainbow Trellis
Preferred Drink: Coffee, Tea, or Vanilla?
Revolving Earth
Remarkable skin
Sweet Tooth
Nasty Influenza (Flu)
Epidermis – Outer Skin
Deep Freeze
April Shower
Nature’s Beauty
Elapsing Prime
Purpose of Plastics
Spring Storm
Legacy of Perfection – Your Body
Soybean and Corn
Etiolated Plant and Vegetable
Sneezing Misery
Fortress of Life
Spring Elegance
Foliage Destiny
Allergy Season
Flu Virus Threatens All Ages
Life’s Treasure
Wasabi Condiment
Seasonal Garden
Late Blizzard Eugene
Powerless: Blackout Storms
Most Stressful Planet
Nature’s Harmony
Digital Tennis Game
Thimble Islands
Pulse of Earth – Time
Magnificent Trios – Moon, Earth and Sun
Bacteria, Viruses and Enzymes
Turtle Snaps Heron
Glowing Ecliptic Halo
Meaning of Aging
Francis Biography


  I am deeply indebted to the encouragement of many published poets at FAXON Poetry Club. Their kind suggestions provided fresh ideas for me to write poems on health, science, and nature.

  I am most grateful to Marcia Lewis, former Faxon manager, for introducing me to the Faxon Poetry Club.

  My sincere thanks to editors Steve Olechna, June Mandelkern and advisors: JoAnne Bauer, Pamela Guinan, Camilla Hynes, Cheryl Hale, Christopher Jay, Andy Weil, Dave Mello, Dave May, Andrew Hook, Ray Marafino, and Krishna Parthasarathy for their dedication in reviewing anthologies throughout the Perspectives chapbooks publications.

  Appreciation is also extended to Graphic artists John Hsu, and Barry Liu, for perfecting the cover designs, and to Tom Nicotera and
Prof. Tsoung Lee for advice on poetry enrichments.

  Lastly but not the least, my sincere thanks to lovely wife, Jean, who endured unexpected torment when I had contracted cancer, that nearly obliterated hope and support for children.
Jean took sole responsibility for bread and butter, in restoring the norm.

  My gratitude to all beloved friends, to my lovely wife and family, remains.


▍Harbinger of spring

Daffodil pageant welcomes spring –
Stately poised golden buglers, salute
majestic season.
Beaming sun embraces spring charm.

Golden daffodils verge on shore cliff,
overlooking, the surging tides.
Blast bugles with surreal tunes;
Sea breeze caresses golden hues.

Spring revives barren lands.
Helping farmers thaw the mounds,
Tilling sowing with fervent heart.
Longing seedlings burst new life.

Golden daffodil lights torch of spring – 
Injects fresh energy kindling life.
Nature unfurls welcome banner.
Spring ventures while great earth nurtures.

▍Four Seasons for Country Boy

Little boy braves cool spring,
venturing outside with running nose.
Chasing butterflies in prairie,
tumbling over with bloody nose.

Foggy dawning heralds muggy summer.
Golden retriever chases red foxes.
Little boy jumps on pony back,
suffering free fall with black eyes.

Golden foliage outshines azure skyline,
Taking hayride through pumpkin patch.
Golden eagle soaring high,
geese, heading south, wave goodbye.

Drab pumpkin vines litter on farm.
Snow brushes terrain into gleaming plains.
Milking cows rush into cold barn,
flute boy keeps shaking herd calm.
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